Having a great product is important to be relevant and succeed, especially in a sector as demanding as automotive where meticulous performance is not merely expected, it is demanded.

In a recent interview by a leading automotive portal, Ascorium CEO, Christoph Laeis had this to say:

“Moving from being a minor division in a big company to becoming more flexible, agile and automotive focused, our ethos has not changed. We strive to provide our customers with the best innovations that offer value-for-money because they are robust and long-lasting.”

A good example of investing in a product that is not merely best-in-class but also durable almost beyond measure, Ascorium’s Colo-Sense X-Lite. Using the latest technology Colo-Sense X-Lite, as the name implies, is not only extremely weight saving but has a very long life span, even under extreme conditions. The durability of our products is not only a benefit to our customers but also to theirs:  Real value for money. This is a significant factor when considering resale and residual value of vehicles, especially in this age of vehicle leasing and sharing.

In short: Ascorium delivers that “new car feeling” that will last for many, many years.

Ascorium Industries – we’ve got you covered!

…and we do everything possible to develop sustainable materials and contribute to ecology-minded production in any way without compromising comfort and durability:

  1. Less weight = less energy: newest Colo-Fast® products weight 25% less than alternative products and ColoSense X-Lite® even more than 35% less.
  2. Less energy for more quality: Compare our production temperature between 60°C and 80°C and other technologies with energy-consuming processing temperatures of up to 250°C
  3. Smart factory & smart work: In addition to our plant-in-plant concept, which minimize transport costs, we apply advanced robotics, augmented reality, tool simulation as well as big data & analytics.
  4. New possibilities with renewablersources: Certain plants deliver renewable raw materials, which makes PU less dependent on oil-based, synthetic polyols. Currently we are at around 20% bio content and we’re targeting up to 100%!


Ascorium Industries – we’ve got you covered!

Combining durability and superior haptics with our reaction over-molding (ROM) recasting technology.

ROM technology offers various integration possibilities for an innovative interior feeling and the over-molds are suitable for both exterior and interior components featuring extremely durable premium quality.

The ROM process technology improves scratch resistance and provides an exceptional surface look and the “soft touch” haptic feel, both superior in comparison to injection-molded parts.

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