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“ROM” is not what you may think

Combining durability and superior haptics with our reaction over-molding (ROM) recasting technology. ROM technology offers various integration possibilities for an innovative interior feeling and the over-molds are suitable for both exterior and interior components featuring extremely durable premium quality. The ROM process technology improves scratch resistance and provides an exceptional surface look and the “soft […]


Makes Sense, Colo-Sense® X-Lite

This spray skin from ASCORIUM Industries, with an emphasis on weight reduction, originated from the further development of the originally single-layered Colo-Fast® and the two-layered Colo-Sense® spray skins. Like Colo-Sense®, it also consists of a two-layer system, but the second layer is sprayed with a lower density. With this technology, weight savings of at least […]

How is your Brand Experience

The positioning of automotive brands is highly dependent on the quality level of their interiors, which is designed to create a uniform brand experience in terms of style and value. This, in turn, requires a visual and haptic experience while providing both durability and the ease of care. The ASCORIUM Stitches concept offers this experience […]

Recticel Automotive is now Ascorium

As the market leader in premium polyurethane surfaces we are proud to announce that Recticel Automotive is now Ascorium Industries. Ascorium Industries operates as an independent entity with a broad holding structure and now has the versatility, responsiveness and flexibility of a middle-sized company with a strong financial backing to drive innovative spirit and customer […]

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