As the market leader in premium polyurethane surfaces we are proud to announce that Recticel Automotive is now Ascorium Industries.
Ascorium Industries operates as an independent entity with a broad holding structure and now has the versatility, responsiveness and flexibility of a middle-sized company with a strong financial backing to drive innovative spirit and customer centricity.
Our product range of unique polyurethane spray skins will be unchanged in terms of its superior haptics, extreme durability and near to unlimited scope for design. We will also continue to focus on lightweight, ecologically responsible products to help our customers meet environmental challenges.
As such, Ascorium Industries remains synonymous with high-quality automotive interior components and, as the abbreviation “AI” suggests, we will work tirelessly on new innovative “Smart Surfaces”

So, together with a new name you can expect new agility from a newly autonomous company with the same passion and drive for cutting-edge technology combined with exceptional service.

Ascorium Industries – we’ve got you covered!

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