…and we do everything possible to develop sustainable materials and contribute to ecology-minded production in any way without compromising comfort and durability:

  • Less weight = less energy: newest Colo-Fast® products weight 25% less than alternative products and ColoSense X-Lite® even more than 35% less.
  • Less energy for more quality: Compare our production temperature between 60°C and 80°C and other technologies with energy-consuming processing temperatures of up to 250°C
  • Smart factory & smart work: In addition to our plant-in-plant concept, which minimize transport costs, we apply advanced robotics, augmented reality, tool simulation as well as big data & analytics.
  • New possibilities with renewablersources: Certain plants deliver renewable raw materials, which makes PU less dependent on oil-based, synthetic polyols. Currently we are at around 20% bio content and we’re targeting up to 100%!

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