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Ascorium Mythbusting
Today’s myth: PUR Spray Skins have a short lifespan

https://ascorium.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/mythbusting-price.m4v Having a great product is important to be relevant and succeed, especially in a sector as demanding as automotive where meticulous performance is not merely expected, it is demanded. In a recent interview by a leading automotive portal, Ascorium CEO, Christoph Laeis had this to say: “Moving from being a minor division in a […]


The Future is our Responsibility

…and we do everything possible to develop sustainable materials and contribute to ecology-minded production in any way without compromising comfort and durability: Less weight = less energy: newest Colo-Fast® products weight 25% less than alternative products and ColoSense X-Lite® even more than 35% less. Less energy for more quality: Compare our production temperature between 60°C […]


Compolite®: light-weight good for hard-tops

CompoLite, a light-weight functional substrate with naturally bonded UV-stable A-surface. This technology provides excellent sound absorption, extreme durability and low water absorption specifications. Colors, surfaces, molded-in stitches…no problem! Ideal to be used for convertible covers, roof panels, doors, seat back covers,… Combining strength, low-weight, haptic and aesthetics together in functionality.

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