Having a great product is important to be relevant and succeed, especially in a sector as demanding as automotive where meticulous performance is not merely expected, it is demanded.

In a recent interview by a leading automotive portal, Ascorium CEO, Christoph Laeis had this to say:

“Moving from being a minor division in a big company to becoming more flexible, agile and automotive focused, our ethos has not changed. We strive to provide our customers with the best innovations that offer value-for-money because they are robust and long-lasting.”

A good example of investing in a product that is not merely best-in-class but also durable almost beyond measure, Ascorium’s Colo-Sense X-Lite. Using the latest technology Colo-Sense X-Lite, as the name implies, is not only extremely weight saving but has a very long life span, even under extreme conditions. The durability of our products is not only a benefit to our customers but also to theirs:  Real value for money. This is a significant factor when considering resale and residual value of vehicles, especially in this age of vehicle leasing and sharing.

In short: Ascorium delivers that “new car feeling” that will last for many, many years.

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