This obviously is not true, as was reflected in a recent interview with a leading automotive portal composed of experts, with whom Ascorium CEO, Christoph Laeis, shared his thoughts on Ascorium and sustainability.

“With the current challenges of CO2 reduction, an increased use of sustainable materials, high raw material prices and autonomous driving facing the automotive industry, Ascorium has shifted into high gear to be flexible and innovative to meet these demands.”

All Ascorium’s unique sprayed surfaces are manufactured with a focus on being lightweight and sustainable to create ecologically responsible products to help overcome environmental challenges.
Ascorium pays particular massive attention to the balance between sophisticated interiors and ecological responsibility. From efficient production to cutting-edge components, Ascorium has adopted a four-pronged sustainability approach: product solutions, process solutions, smart solutions and chemical development.

Mr Laeis goes on to say, “At Ascorium sustainability and carbon neutrality are key focus areas. Our technology is already less energy consuming than other competitive materials and our current products already contribute to this due to their low weight. With molds lasting a whole project lifetime, and beyond, our Colo-Sense ® X-Lite is a perfect example. Its low carbon footprint and usage of renewable and drop-in chemicals ensure a greener product while all our innovations and operations continue being focused on using more sustainable materials and alternative energy sources. Additionally, Ascorium is leading in finding more efficient ways to recycle polyurethanes to lower the carbon footprint of our products. ”

“Sustainability remains the common denominator through our innovation process. We are driven to use more sustainable and renewable raw materials in combination with recycled materials while developing new processes to reduce production steps and amount of material needed to get to the final product. Needless to say, without the loss of any key features of the Ascorium surfaces.”
With several new and sustainable products in the innovation pipeline (some of which will be ready for market introduction soon), it is clear to see that Ascorium is doing all it can, and more, to ensure a brighter future, not only for the company but the planet as a whole.

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